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The Life Of Irene and other stories….

Yes folks, that’s right.

The Life of Riley just wasn’t cutting the mustard, so Irene stepped in.  Her life is far more interesting.  At least I hope so!

  So, it all started when I found this bowling shirt in a wicked vintage shop in Darlington called     Retro Replay.  The shirt belonged to a girl called Irene and as you can see, her name is embroidered on the front.  She bowled for The Riverside, Santa Cruz in the ’50s and I imagine her to have been their star player…. I, on the other hand am utterly crap.  No, really. I’m embarrassingly bad.  Almost to the point that I have to have the kiddie barriers at the side of the lane.

Anyway, back to Irene.

She seems to have been me-sized, to my great delight so naturally the shirt was snapped up and I was a very happy girl.  Since that day, Irene has had a few adventures, but the fun has only just begun!  I intend for Irene to live on and get into a whole lot more mischeif  this side of the pond than she ever would have been able to back in her day.  And the best thing is, thanks to this blogging malarkey the whole world will get to know about it!

As for the other stories, well.  Let’s just call this my little corner of the internet.  I get up to some interesting, odd and sometimes just plain silly shenanigans, so please do put your feet up and enjoy a little look from time to time.  I would be very pleased if you do this with a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit.

Oh, and make me one while you’re there, would you?  Milk and one will do nicely!


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  1. Really good blog Gemma! Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to following The Further Adventure’s of Irene. 🙂


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